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Offsite but Online Backup Service Solution

Tape backups, while good for having something in your hand these days just don’t provide the reliability and automation that you as a customer demands.

In response to this, we have launched a new on-line backup system. This will upload your files to a secure encrypted DataCenter at an Internet Service Provider.

The service will offer your recovery of your stored data up to 30 days previously. It will also enable us to restore the files to any location we desire should there be an emergency.

Depending on the size of you data the initial upload will probably take 4-5 days, but from that point onwards it will just upload changes overnight, which realistically will take 4-5hours. The system will also guarantee not to use more than 50% of your internet bandwidth when the system is in use, therefore ensuring your users are
not disadvantaged.

The key factor in preventing this from happening previously has been cost, Eclipse internet for example charge £200/month for 100GB worth of server based storage, or £150/month for the 50GB option. charge in excess of £500/month for the 100GB service.

Due to the quantity of storage that we are purchasing, we will be able to offer 100GB of storage for an annual cost of £275, or 50GB for £195/annum.

A 500GB option is available if required.

This new and exciting service is available now, and can be implemented on your server in just a few hours.
The whole system is automated, and monitored by ourselves. All data stored off-site is encrypted before leaving your site, and is only downloadable with the provision of the encryption key, which is stored on our secure server.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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